Saturday, January 26, 2019

Phoenix Afterglow

Phoenix Afterglow
9 x 12
Pastel on Art Spectrum Colourfix in Ultra

Continuing in the theme of cactus florals. I'm moving away from yellow and pink and into Orange. Dang, orange is hard. I used to think yellow was hard, but now since I'm feeling better about yellow, orange is my new nemesis. It may be the blue base I worked on, but I figured working with the compliment would be good. then I realized, orange and green are compliments - blue is the compliment of red. What was I thinking - oh, yeah. I wasn't. I just said in my last post how I don't think when I paint, I just flow. The blue did keep this a cooler painting. I suppose if I had some Leaf Green Art spectrum that would have been better. I wanted a cooler feeling, vs maybe my instinct was okay? Not sure. Thoughts? comments?

Feb 6...oh em gee. Many years ago when studying for a standardized test, I learned I was a bad answer changer. This means I should go with my first instinctual answer. The same is true here. I over thought the color wheel of all things. YES the compliment of blue is orange so my instinct on papers was sound. But I second guessed myself and talked myself out of it.

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