Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue
12 x 12
Pastel on Hand Pumiced Gatorboard

This is another visit into the realm of highly textured pieces. I started this process with Azul Arenoso and just hadn't gotten back to it yet. Arenoso sold on it's first trip to a show, so I figured I did something right! HAH! I have another show coming up and needed a new "blue" painting to fill out that section of my booth. I've decided to take my color explorations to a new level by organizing my paintings in my booth like that. So, I'll have sections for Blue and Green agave with a transition that's both blue and green. Then I'll have the wall of white flowers. This little beauty will be with me this weekend at the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair in Ingram Texas. 

With this particular piece, I did my usual pumice application with a sponge. In some instances, I've kind of done this in sweeps and swirls. In this case, after wiping down the board, I kind of blotted the sponge to give it a bit of a more uniform texture - though still highly textured. Then, after drawing out my image, I worked around it with additional pumice and white gouache and a small spatula - almost like palette knife painting. I like the high key look of this one. The day I visited all these Whale's Tongue (Agave ovatafolia) it was really really sunny, so I got some good shadows. 

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