Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Purple Lily Burst

Purple Lily Burst
14 x 18
Pastel on UArt 500
Still in my water lily phase and digging through my own water garden photo cache and my neighbors water garden lilies as well. This one belongs to Sam and Sheila. It's a lovely starburst purple tropical with a variegated pad. I'm much happier with this rendition of variegation. It's also my first try at water droplets. I couldn't locate the lesson I had on water droplets, so I had to wing it. I should have just googled the process, but I'm pretty okay with the outcome.

Overall, water lilies are darn hard to paint. I think I've found a new challenge and I have a pond full of these as well as several other neighborhood ponds, and the best water garden store in our area only a few miles away (Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery if you're interested).

Here's the progress shots. I did under painting with pan pastels. I decided to take the second water droplet off the lily pad - that one I didn't like.

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