Sunday, July 30, 2017

Succulent Mandala Sacral Chakra

Succulent Mandala Sacral Chakra
12 x 12
Pastel on UArt 500

The second in the succulent mandala series. This one reminds me of my cream spike agave, but this little one has a lot more ping and peach in it. The challenge with these little guys is - well, they are little. Second, it's keeping the pattern and leaves correct. Sometimes, the actual plant has a damaged leaf, or I've inadvertently taken a bad photo. but, that's what we get to do as artists, is add or take away in our paintings. 

The color scheme on this one is bright and fun, where Mandala #1 is more blue and introspective. Perhaps, I may align these w/the chakras. Hmmm....that may be fun. More thought on that.  

As I begin to post my progress shots, I've come to realize why I struggled with this one more - I did not under paint! We had a late evening the night before, and I had so much fun at the birthday party, I couldn't get to sleep. So, I'll blame my lack of under painting on not being awake. Oh well - we live and learn. I may have to do this one again.

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