Sunday, July 16, 2017

Agave Hideaway

Agave Hideaway
9 x 12
Pastel on Art Spectrum Terra Cotta

Welcome to almost the start of the "off season"! I'm so excited to have some time at home for about a month with no shows to do. My next show is not until August 19/20. After that, I might have a show in October.  It's a BIG one, and I'm wait listed, which is in and of itself an accomplishment for me. I was invited to a show in Corpus Christi over Labor Day, but decided to take a break. I also was invited to Bayou City again, but the show dates conflicted with an event for my corporate job. So, it was time to clean my studio, pastel boxes and to start some new paintings. 

This is an image I took earlier this year in April in my garden. I had spied this wren every time I walked up the driveway to go out for a walk. She always seemed to come from the agave. So, I decided to watch her one late afternoon. It was then that I discovered she had built a nest between two agave leaves. Talk about hidden! Talk about PROTECTED! What a natural barrier with those thorns! 

This is essentially a warm up painting for me. I haven't painted for a month. I may do this painting again in a larger format...maybe some more vibrant colors. Maybe. Prior to today's session, I had the July 4th weekend Rockport show to prepare for, then I took a weekend off to just rest. I'm looking forward to more painting and resting.

Here's the original image and one whopping progress shot plus my color palette. I was definitely in the zone on this little one. 

I did this one freehand - no measuring.

The color palette

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