Wednesday, June 7, 2017


12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Terra Cotta
Although I often rave about my agave Mr Ripple, I rarely mention my other favorite agave in my yard - the Whale's Tongue or Agave Ovatifolia. This agave his big oval leaves....really plush and lush. I often take pictures of her as she sits outside my dining room window (which faces the backyard and pond). She sits to the right side of the pond in one of the gardens around the pond. She's a eye catcher for sure. As agave go, she's quite "Rubenesque" (defined as reflecting the paintings of Rubens - especially with reference to his voluptuous female nudes). This is definitely a voluptuous agave with big wide "hips". I will revisit her in a landscape format to better appreciate her width.

Feeling like I'm getting my groove back...getting closer and closer. This was an after work painting. I didn't feel like painting...but was so glad I did. Now, to get to that process with exercise....doing it even when I don't feel like it...


  1. I am also glad you got to this one too. It's beautiful!
    May I ask which tablet and program or app you are using to scale up your reference pic?
    Thank you in advance Lisa!

    1. Hi Catherine...I have an old Galaxy 10.1 tablet. I download the photo I am working with to the tablet and just use the internal gallery cropping tool. When you start the crop process it places the grid over the image. I just never crop but let it sit therewith the grid overlay until I am done drawing the initial image.