Saturday, June 10, 2017

Turquoise Sundown

Turquoise Sundown
9 x 12
Pastel on Art Spectrum Terra Cotta

Yes oh yes, Stella's got her Groove Back!!!! I think it started with doing some yard work this morning. We trimmed back some oleander that froze this winter. We initially cut them back by 1/3, but they need a full cut down. They were coming up from the bases and just skimpy up top. Then it was the crape myrtle suckers and clearing out branches that were growing into the center and crossing the main branches. Then the armadillo trapper showed up and he did his thing - now we have 3 live traps outside. Crossing fingers Mr Armadillo is trapped to be relocated. he's totally tearing up our planting beds and backyard. Finally, after a shower, I spent some time with my like minded spirit friends...then home to paint. 

I started with some "Magical Copal" incense from Fred Soll. Soll's incense is hands down - The. Best. Incense. Ever! My significant read that Rick Allen from Def Leppard was a fan, so we tried it many years ago, and continue to order. Next, I turned on my favorite music (lately it's The Neighborhood). I ignored my painting plan, and just perused my cache of photos and picked something that said "paint me". So, here she is. What drew me to this agave was the turquoise and salmon colors...perfect compliments. I actually even captured some progress photos. Thanks for reading and sharing! I appreciate every read and every comment!

The palette - all Ludwigs

This will be the frame for this beauty

Fred Soll's incense  

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