Sunday, June 4, 2017


12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Deep Ultra

Finally! A whole afternoon just for painting! It was delightful. It's been 2 months (April 8th) since I've had a day like today - just for painting. Like exercise or dancing, it's a muscle memory sort of thing. Remembering what colors sing and how my hands should move. I'm looking forward to getting back in my groove. I have no progress shots on this one - it was just more being and doing than thinking. it felt really good. Hallelujah!! I love to paint! 

I like this particular agave because of the yellow streamers through the green. In addition, on the center most triangular leaf at the bottom at about 6 o clock, there is a hint of red violet. I need to work on capturing that a bit differently/better, so I'll probably revisit this agave in the future.

The agave in 'real life'
Sample framing

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