Sunday, June 18, 2017

Strawberry Hedgehogs

Strawberry Hedgehogs
9 x 12
Pastel on Art Spectrum Leaf Green
During my art shows, patrons often ask "How long does it take to paint that?" It's a very difficult question to answer. One could respond "My whole life" as that's how long we've studied and practiced and developed our skills. But the more reasonable answer is "It depends". Truly, it does. It depends on if I'm having a good painting day or a difficult painting day. It depends on if the painting flows or doesn't. I can have two paintings of the same size and one takes me an hour and the other takes me three hours. It doesn't even always have to do with the complexity of the painting. It depends on where I am emotionally and spiritually. Am I relaxed or tense? Do I have expectations or do I just go with the flow? Is it an easy color to work with or difficult? Am I distracted or focused?'s all that.

Last week was easy painting. Two paintings that I felt really good about in a short space of time. Today - a difficult painting day. The first went in the trash. The second is what you see now. I struggled with this painting. Good vibrant pinks are hard to come by. I usually go to my Richeson Pinks as they are the most vibrant - even more vibrant than some of the Ludwigs. I struggled getting the violet/blue tones in the pinks. I finally just decided to have fun, and just paint...and then it happens. Let go of expectations, let go of resentments...and then you find the gift. Painting often mimics life.

The sketch on Leaf Green Art Spectrum

The initial pallette
I later remembered my Richeson pinks
Paintings always look pretty "dressed up"

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