Monday, May 29, 2017


27.5 x 19.5
Pastel on Art Spectrum Umber
I'm baaackk! WOW - it has been WAY TOO LONG since I've put pastel to paper....April 8th to be precise. If you're counting that is SEVEN weeks and 1 day - that's 50 days. I did do some quick sketches in mid May while I was on vacation in west Texas, but nothing significant. I've missed painting and it was quite a blessing that I had this painting still on my easel to be finished. This painting "Scintillation" is the larger version of Early Glimmer (my previous blog post and painting) It just needed few finishing touches - and I felt like I was still able to paint. I couldn't be more wrong.

Painting requires practice and work. 50 days off is much too long for me. I tried another agave today, twice. Both dismal. I've got to get back to sketching basics - spheres, cylinders, etc just to practice toning. I also need to go through my blogs for progress photos to remember what works for me. Alternately, I can use this break in my process to discover new ways of working. 

In the last seven weeks, I've had 3 weekend art shows (Wimberley, Dallas and Kerrville), For my corporate job, I've had two trips to Indianapolis, 1 trip to Nashville. For my own vacation, I also had a trip to West Texas (Terlingua/Big Bend). In the middle of all this, we also had one of our fur babies pass away. During this time, I was reminded that when we hold on to our old ideas, our results are nil - until we let go absolutely. Surrender. I need to surrender to the fact that right now I'm struggling to paint. I need to be gentle with myself and see that this may mean a new phase, a new way is coming. I hope you'll continue to stay on this journey with me.