Monday, April 3, 2017

Anna's in Barbados

Anna's in Barbados
7 x 5
Colored Pencil on Fabriano Hot Press Watercolor paper
Another Anna's hummingbird, this time added into a spray of Pride of Barbados flowers. Once again, my thanks to my friend Michael Searcy for the inspirational photo of the hummingbird. Michael is known as the hummingbird whisperer at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. 

The addition of the Barbados flowers was originally an unconscious thought hoping for the survival of my own plant in my garden. As I began this post, I realized perhaps why I was thinking of this flower. The stump did not appear to be sprouting as it usually does. We had some severe freezes for Texas this past winter. But just today, I did notice a small sprout at the base of the plant - so there is hope!!! 

I took a few progress shots of the development of this drawing today. I don't know why I never considered doing this for my colored pencil drawings as I do with my pastels. 

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