Thursday, March 30, 2017

Umbrella Drink

Umbrella Drink
7 x 5
Colored Pencil on Hot Press Watercolor Paper

Another little sweetie having some sweets. Thank you to my friend Michael Searcy from Arizona for the image of this little lovely! This little guy looks to me like he's under an umbrella. It made me think of the little umbrellas in tropical drinks. 

This piece is also another item I worked on while at the Bayou City Arts Festival in Memorial Park in Houston. I like to work on these colored pencil pieces during the shows. While some folks may say this prevents me from interacting with my patrons, I say it gives them some space too. For folks interested in my process, they get to see it in action. No one likes to feel pounced upon while browsing art at the shows. I generally greet my visitors and let them know I'm there if they have questions. If I notice they linger a bit, I'll pause and engage to find out if they have particular spaces or colors they are trying to find for their homes. Sometimes, they are looking for gifts...hummingbird drawings make great gifts - and Mother's day is coming up! I also premiered my hummingbird card set "Feathered Jewels" this past weekend - they were a hit!

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