Sunday, March 12, 2017

Farmer's Sweet Beets

Farmer's Sweet Beets
12 x 9
Pastel on Wallis

I enjoyed painting eggs so much that I decided to look for other farm or garden type foods to paint. I remembered I stopped by the farmers market last year (on a side trip of dropping off some paintings believe it or not). I remembered how beautiful the vegetables were. So I searched my photo cache and there they were. Red rich sweet beets. 

I'm in the process of using the 7 sheets of Wallis my sister sold me. She didn't want me to pay her for them, but I insisted. Wallis paper is like gold. I got so into painting these beets that I only got one progress shot. 

What I enjoyed about this painting was the blues and lavenders in the leaves, and the warm yellow browns in the beets. Interestingly, I had a great time painting the rubber band!! Who would have thought?? 

Radishes up next!

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