Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sinuous Ribbons

Sinuous Ribbons
24 x 18
Pastel on UArt 500

This is another painting that wasn't in the "official" painting plan/list. This agave was in my cache from my 2016 trip to the DBG in Phoenix. When I saw the photo it spoke to me and said "Paint me". What I liked about this particular specimen is how the leaves folded and twisted - sinuous. 

I'm suppose I'm also mourning the loss of my 2 Yellow Ribbon agave. They froze this winter. I was a good gardener and covered them on the first freeze. They got nipped, but not bad. But on the second deep freeze (below 25 for a few days in Texas is a deep freeze), we were distracted with packing for our vacation. We got the plants covered up close to the house, but I forgot the Agave out front. These particular ones were younger, and more tender. Now they are just mush. I'm hoping a few pups made it b/c they were covered by the 'melted' leaves that froze. 

What I wish this photo showed you better was the richness of the red violet under the blue violet in the background. It just sings. This is definitely one of those paintings to see in person. I enjoyed painting on UArt again. It's been awhile since I have. I also did not under paint this one, and enjoyed letting the bits of paper show through. Progress shots below

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