Sunday, February 19, 2017

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh
9 x 12
Pastel on Wallis Paper (Belgian Mist)

I wanted to get back to basics today...toning a sphere - or ellipse as the case may be. I haven't done a still life in quite some time, and I really enjoy doing still life work. 

These eggs are the product of my friend Sandy's chickens. What I like about farm fresh eggs is their irregularity. Irregularity of color and size. Much more visually interesting than the uniform eggs from the store. It was fun to do some eggs in different colors and sizes. I also enjoyed the pattern of the egg crate. 

For this painting, I used my very last piece of Wallis paper which I received as a birthday gift from my sister last year. Geez - this stuff is like gold for a reason - such a resilient paper. The glow it helps to create is wonderful. I may find myself on a street corner at IAPS some year saying "Got any Wallis" - like an addict looking for a fix.

Hope you enjoy these little golden beauties as much as I enjoyed painting them.
Here's a few progress shots.