Monday, February 20, 2017

Eggstra Innings

Eggstra Innings
9 x 12

Pastel on Richeson Textured Board

I was so happy painting eggs yesterday I decided to do more eggs. Here's a revisit to the same eggs from my friend Sandy M's hens - the girls. These are in a different configuration from Farm Fresh yesterday. To my warped little mind, this configuration looked like people sitting in the stands at a ballpark. As I pondered a name for this one, I asked Rick what he thought and he came up with the name - a play on eggs and being in the stands at a ballpark - Eggstra Innings. 

I wanted this painting to be part the mate to the painting "Farm Fresh" from yesterday. Alas, I had no more Wallis paper....but....I did have a sample 9 x 12 board of Richeson Textured board I received as a sample as part of a prize winning at some point. I was saving for a rainy day, and today is in fact - a rainy day. We got 3.5 inches of rain last night. It cooled off (50's) and is overcast. So I worked with my light and tried to stay awake. It's a holiday from work today (President's Day) so very much enjoying my extra day - but I may need to do some napping after my own extra innings today.

I did enjoy the Richeson board, about as much as I enjoyed the Wallis paper. It is a bit toothier though. What amazed me about both papers is that they made simple NuPastels seem to glow. Here's the progression...

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