Saturday, February 11, 2017

Blue Whisper

Blue Whisper
9 x 12
Pastel on Uart 500

Oh my has been over two weeks since I painted! Lot's of life happened in the last couple of weeks. I was nervous walking up to my easel. Would I remember how to paint? I know, you guys think I'm silly, but it's how I feel. It's like I loose my way when I don't practice my craft regularly. I did lots of pouring over resource photos and trying to decide what to paint. I went through the painting plan, and didn't like any of them. So, I finally decided to just scroll through the cache of cactus photos and see what spoke to me. I gave myself permission to warm up and let go. 

I've been wanting to paint this particular cactus for some time. It definitely needs to be bigger, but this was a good starting place. It felt good to have my incense burning and my 80's music on Pandora. I got a bit melancholy when I heard George Michael sing "Careless Whisper". He had such a beautiful voice a was a great performing artist. So, this painting became "Blue Whisper". 

Sometimes, I think we're all just whispers in the existence of time. We're here and gone in a quick blink in the great chasm of the universe. If we're intentional with our actions, we have the opportunity to make the world and the people who travel our journey with us just a little bit richer. I know I was blessed to know a man who did just that. He helped innumerable people in his lifetime....I was one of them. RIP Dave O. You will be missed by this little soul.

Here's a couple of progress shots.

The doodle

Under painted with Pan Pastel

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