Friday, January 27, 2017


12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum (Umber)
I've revisited one of the roosters from Hawaii - Lua O Ka Moa (Second Rooster). In this version, I'm using sanded/textured Art Spectrum paper in Umber. Personally, I prefer sanded paper. I just think the colors look more vibrant. But, after doing a side by side, I'm really not so sure anymore. The sanded paper certainly has more tooth, but are the colors less vibrant. Hmmmm..

Getting started
yes, working late

Almost forgot the under wing 
blue feathers again

Here's the side by side of both Canson and Art Spectrum. Which do you prefer? Left (Canson) or Right (Art Spectrum). Both were done in about the same amount of time - quick and loose. I suppose for "true" comparison, I should have used black Art spectrum paper. So, perhaps the difference in cool/black vs warm brown may change the opinion as well. 

Art Spectrum

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