Monday, January 23, 2017

Purple Antherium

Purple Antherium
13 x 10
Pastel on Black Archival Matboard
Antherium are an interesting flower. They almost don't look real, they look plastic. While visiting the HTBG (Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden), they have a whole section of various Antherium species: pink, purple, mottled in various colors - big and small. 

I was having a frustrating painting day with my prior painting (Apostle) and knew it was because of contrast/value. So, I decided to just work on loosening up and grabbed a piece of black archival mat board. Sometimes, my framer has matboard knock outs she gives me. They are essentially colored archival paper with limited to no texture. Sometimes I put texture on them, but today I was impatient. So - off I went. I was surprised how many layers this matboard could accept. You can see the leaves in the background are more textured than those in the front and I kind of dig it - fewer layers. This was a short time frame "doodle" for loosening up..and it felt good. Going with instinct.

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