Monday, January 2, 2017

Glow Aloe

Glow Aloe
14 x 18
Pastel on Art Spectrum Umber

Another glorious painting day! Another painting that basically painted itself. It is clear to me that the more relaxed I get, the easier painting gets. Today was day 4 of a series of days off from my corporate job. Over the summer, I met another artist at an art show in Rockport, Texas. He advised that once he began painting full time, his painting improved. It will be awhile before I can paint full time. The Beach Boys are singing in my head "Wouldn't it be nice if we were older, and we didn't have to wait so long." I don't think they intended the lyrics of the song in quite that way, but it worked for me today.

This painting was a more confusing than Agavenacci. By confusing, I mean that I got lost in the leaves, lost my place. I had to stop and draw it back out about 2/3 of the way in. What I like most about this painting is the way the light shines through the backs of the leaves at 12 and 2 (using a clock face reference). I also like the way the leaf at 11 ripples or undulates a bit with the light shining through. I toyed with naming this painting "Aloenacci" as it's also a representation of the Fibanacci sequence in phyllotaxy, but I also toyed with naming it "Aloe Undulation". When I think about what attracted me most to the image, it was the pattern of the leaves. Utimately, it's usually about spirals for me. I'm fascinated by spiral patterns. What I am left with on this painting though is the glow of the light. In the end, that's what we strive to paint - light.


  1. You just hit this one clear out of the ballpark. Really well done!

    1. Thanks Alice!! I enjoyed doing this really is amazing how much better I paint when I'm relaxed...not stress from work....