Sunday, January 1, 2017


26.5 x 18.5
Pastel on Art Spectrum Terra Cotta

Happy New Year! It's a fresh start: 12 chapters, with 365 blank pages! Today, I begin writing my story with a large painting that was NOT on the painting plan. I went with my intuition today. I felt I needed to paint a blue agave and decided to just search my cache of photos for 'blue agave'. Initially, I thought I was going to do a Blue Glow Agave from my painting plan. Then I came across this older one and I knew, this was IT! It was the correct way to go. This painting flowed easily - just "fell off the brush" so to speak in a matter of a few hours.

Sometimes, we have to go with intuition. Listen to the spirit. I've written about the word "inspiration" - inspire...taking our thoughts from the divine. From ..... 

1. to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence:
His courage inspired his followers.
2. to produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.):
to inspire confidence in others.
3. to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought, etc.:
to inspire a person with distrust.
4. to influence or impel:Competition inspired her to greater efforts.
5. to animate, as an influence, feeling, thought, or the like, does: They were inspired by a belief in a better future.
6. to communicate or suggest by a divine or supernatural influence:
writings inspired by God.
7. to guide or control by divine influence.

I particularly like 6 and 7. For those of you who work a program of steps, those are the ones where one 'drops the rock' and we begin to allow the universe to guide us. This painting is named after the Divine proportion or Fibronacci sequence and phyllotaxy. Here's a good article on the subject

Now, on to my black eyed peas Texas Caviar, pork loin and cabbage.....for luck.