Monday, December 12, 2016


18 x 14
Pastel on Canson Touch in Tobacco

This is my interpretation of an Agave attenuata or fox tail agave. What fascinated me about this agave is how transparent it seemed in the light. It practically glowed. 

Some days are just harder than others - the days when my muse is cantankerous. Yet, we must persevere. On days like these, I struggle coming up with things to paint. So, on these days, I go to the new "Painting Plan List" and figure out what paper I have and how long I have to devote to my painting.

Cantankerous muse days are why I came up with a list of my favorite botanical photos that I've taken. I'm sure this list will grow to include other photos/subjects. Some days, I just feel like my muse is on fire. On one of those days last week, I funneled that energy because I was traveling for work and couldn't paint. So, I started "the list" in Excel of the photo image numbers and a brief description. It morphed to include the planned painting size, orientation (portrait, landscape, or square), and suggested paper type/color. What's even better is that I can sort by paper type and plan my orders so I can order in bulk. I can look to see what paper I have, then find a painting to fit.  Feel like painting a floral, sort by florals. Feel like painting an agave - search for agave and pick one! It's a list of 104 paintings - well minus the 3 I've done (see green font in the image below). Right now, I see a lot of possibilities. I'll keep you updated on how the process progresses.

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