Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pensive Red

Pensive Red
9 x 12
Pastel on Art Spectrum Colourfix Aubergine

Here's a little cutie and something a little different. I was inspired by some lovely finch photos on a Facebook group I follow. It made me remember that I have some lovely finches I took photos of in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. I loved how this little guy just looks so pensive and how the light hit him as he sat in this yucca. I will revisit this as a larger painting later since I have a photo of this guy and a friend in the same yucca.

Once again, the "Painting Plan" helped me out. I had only about 1.5 hours after work to paint while it was still light. Yes, I do have lamps, but it's not the same. Natural light is better. So, I looked on the plan for birds and for small image plans and out came this small one. Perfect for after work "meditation".

Progress shots...

Quick Draw
20 minutes

40 minutes

60 minutes

1 hour 20 minutes

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