Friday, December 30, 2016

Marfa Flash

Marfa Flash
12 x 18
Pastel on UArt 500

I've had this landscape in on my mind for sometime. We were in West Texas earlier this year and spent a couple of days in the Marfa/Fort Davis area. One evening, we went out to the viewing area for a potential glimpse of the famous Marfa lights. On our way, a storm built up on the plain behind us. So instead of seeing Marfa Lights, we saw Marfa flashes of lightning and a flash flood.

I don't normally paint landscapes, though it's what I started with on my pastel journey 3.5 years ago. Since that time, I've found botanicals and those tend to be my go to strong point. But occasionally, I need to appreciate the land around us. 

Here's a few progress shots.
NuPastel underpainting sprayed with alcohol

Underpainting with alcohol 'scrubbed' and blended with a brush


  1. This one, this is spectacular. You're inspiring me.

    1. THANK YOU Alice!! I had fun doing these!!