Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cedar Sunset Storm

Cedar Sunset Storm
12 x 18
Pastel on UArt 500

This is an older memory. Checking the photo it's from 2014, but that doesn't seem right. Maybe I edited the original photo in 2014. Anyway, this photo is the view from my childhood best friend's home looking towards Cedar City, Utah. It was sunset and this big storm blew in. The storm came in quickly and was gone in a flash. But while it was there, the skies blackened and the lights coming on in Cedar City were glowing in the dark of the storm. The original photo is much wider and thinner. I may redo this one again.

The photos of these storm paintings just don't do them justice. I may have to retake this one when it's sunny outside. It's an overcast day today, and perhaps that is why I have storms on my mind. Closing out the year, painting up a storm. This represents the 100th post this year! 
Reference Storm

NuPastel Underpainting

NuPastel Underpainting with Alcohol Spray scrubbed/blended down

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