Saturday, December 31, 2016

Aloe Coaster

Aloe Coaster
18 x 14
Pastel on Art Spectrum Ultramarine

Back to my favorite comfortable painting place, botanicals. I'm surprised I haven't played in these color combinations more often! Purple and Green! This is an Aloe at the Desert Botanical Garden. I liked the undulation of the leaves and the varied colors inside the leaves. When I paint leaves like this, it's as if I feel the contours as I paint them.

No progress shots this time, just painted for the thrill of it. I can say I struggled with the way this paper felt with the Ludwigs. I think there is not as much tooth as I would like w/this Art Spectrum. The funny thing is I cut this piece from a larger sheet of paper. The smaller 9 x 12's seem to have more tooth. Probably my imagination, but I will have to investigate. 

Original Image

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