Sunday, November 13, 2016

Surprise on El Cielo

Surprise on El Cielo
29 x 19
Canson Touch Indigo

Oh my goodness it's good to be back at my easel. I was seriously worried that I wouldn't remember how to paint. It was hard to get back to it, and the work I did yesterday got washed down in the sink this morning. Would the same thing happen today? Fortunately, the sink episode did not happen again, or at least I don't feel like it did. I feel pretty okay about this painting.  Painting, drawing, the act of creation is like exercise - you have to keep it up. Like my painting, most of my rituals, including exercise and diet, have been disturbed lately by changes at work, the corporate time of year (start of the fiscal year), and even the seasonal/time change. Usually I do better with changes, but this time, it was alot at once. I think I'm on the other side now, and the simple act of just taking a walk helped kick start the process as did incorporating vegetables into every meal.

The subject matter of this painting is from a morning walk in September of this year. I usually go to Phoenix for many of my cactus resource photos, so I  was absolutely over the moon to find this treat around the corner from my house on El Cielo street. Ceilo means heaven in Spanish, and I was in heaven for the two days this gorgeous cactus bloomed. It's a night bloomer, so I was up early every morning as I waited for the blooms to open. Now, it has fruits which I'm sure the mockingbirds will find soon.

It felt good to paint big, I got to spread out and get some gestural strokes into the work. Sometimes, like yesterday, I felt constrained by the small paper (5 x 7). I started small to get warmed up, but now, I realize I needed to STRETCH out!

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