Monday, November 28, 2016

Precarious Pretties

Precarious Pretties
18 x 14
Pastel on Canson Touch (Indigo)

After 5 days off work, my muse has returned. I've finally been able to go through my photo files and find many things I want to paint. How I can go through this same cache of resource photos and find nothing on some days? Usually it means my spiritual bank account is low and it's time for outside time, time with friends and family. Of course, good nutrition and exercise help too. I was able to do all those things on my days off. Delightful.

Also delightful was these blooming Strawberry Hedgehogs in my cache of photos. The vibrant pinks of these flowers are hard to paint...particularly to find the right colors in my box. But, I have a box of Jack Richeson big pastels I bought used that have a good range of pinks. The other thing that was difficult about this painting were the thorns. They are so dense. But, I'm on my loosen up kick, so I gave it a shot! Just paint - just do it.

In Progress - Almost done
Sorry - Forgot early shots


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    1. Seriously!?!? Wow! THANKS Alice. I felt kind of 'okay' about it but not like 'nailed it'! Goes to show, I should not judge my own work!