Sunday, November 20, 2016

Beauty of the Beast

Beauty of the Beast
19 x 25
Pastel on Sennelier LeCarte Grey
Still working on getting back into the swing of painting. I don't know why I'm hell bent on painting in a larger format. It just seems easier right now....and all I want right now is easy. I spent the week in Indianapolis, so I'm glad to be home. Yesterday, was spent with family, and it went by oh so quickly. We celebrate birthdays quarterly so we have a designated time to get together as siblings. This cycle included my birthday. My big sister and brother both made me some BEAUTIFUL gifts! I am blessed to part of such a creative family. Today was the first day I got to paint since last week, and it was delightful.

I'm did get a bit of good/interesting news during the week. I received an email requesting I apply for the Dallas Arboretum Artscape show. I did not know this show existed, so I was very grateful to the person who reached out to me. I applied, so now we wait to see what the jury says. If I get in, the show is the last week of April. 

Now, about this painting. It's a white cactus flower - and white is hard to paint - well at least for me. I thought this flower was so delicate and beautiful. Yet it is quite a precarious juxtaposition. Such delicate beauty among the thorns. I'm realizing as a write this, that it is a lovely representation of many situations in life - the beauty amid the precarious moments. Perhaps, unconsciously, I was painting my own situation - challenging at the moment  - but beauty will be there and will bloom.