Saturday, November 26, 2016


12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Colourfix Deep Ultra

Meet Barney the Barn Owl. Barney is a real owl who lives in South Texas and was lucky enough to have his photo taken by Shelly S. Morales. I spied his photo on the Birds of Texas Facebook group and asked Shelly if I could paint Barney - and she said YES! I was thrilled! 

I was absolutely enamored with the texture and color his feathers and they just screamed for my pastels. I really felt he needed to start on a navy or dark blue background. I was fortunate to have exactly one piece of Art Spectrum Colourfix in Deep Ultra(marine blue). One of the many things I love about pastels is the various textures and layers one can create. I really enjoyed working with the various pale blues, greens and pinks in his feathers, in addition to the obvious rust colors. Barney.  What's really nifty about him in real life is how he is so perfectly camouflaged with the rusting tin of the barn roof. I took a little artistic liberty with the tin and gave it a more turquoise tint to play against the the rusty orange of the rust and his feathers. 

Thank you again to Shelly! Barney was a wonderfully delightful friend to paint. How blessed you are to have him living in your barn.

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