Monday, October 31, 2016

Sweet Hope

Sweet Hope
5 x 7
Colored Pencil on Hot Press Watercolor Paper

Hello again! I'm back from the road! It's been a long month of prepping for work travel and art shows, but I'm home for a few weeks. I've also enjoyed the time to do a few drawings while at art shows the last two weekends. 

Good news, I did a sweet little drawing of a female hummingbird with some pink flowers. Not so good news, I forgot to scan her/take a photo before she sold. I had drawn her up on Sunday Oct 23 while at a show in Dripping Springs. On Saturday Oct 29, she sold to a patron at the Spicewood show. I had her sitting on the table in my booth, and the collector liked her so much, we removed another one from a frame, and put this new one in it's place. So, off she went to her new home. I suppose I could contact my collector to see if she would be kind enough to take a photo.

Anyway, long way around introducing a new painting from Saturday Oct 29th. This is Sweet Hope. The orange Esperanza flowers are the inspiration for the name - esperanza meaning hope. Being that this little lady is hoping for a sweet treat - it seemed apropos. 

It was good to get drawing again. I'm hoping later this week, I'll be back to some pastels too.