Friday, September 16, 2016

Singular Passion

Singular Passion
19 x 25
Pastel on Sennelier La Carte (Salmon)

I'm really enjoying taking a departure from the agave/cacti and diving into tropical flowers. I started with some Birds of Paradise, and am moving now into the Passion Vine. This flower is oh so very fascinating in color and structure. This is the first one, and I'll be completing a duo next. 

The intricate detail of the Passion Flower is part of it's appeal. It was good to get into some really amazing floral structure. This particular flower/vine belongs to my neighbor. Later, I'll be doing one that belongs to my cousin. There are a lot different varieties of the Passion Vine, so come Spring, I'll be searching for more at the garden store. I know I've seen some in a light blue as well as a scarlet ones!

I've named this painting to not only represent the single flower, but my singular passion of painting and creating in general. Today was my 15 year anniversary at my employer. I've been blessed to work for two companies in my lifetime. One for 17 years, and the current one for 15. Ideally, in 7-9 years, I'll be moving fully into the third phase of my career life. For now, I build the business. I'm getting VERY close to being in the black this year, and these larger paintings will help me get there - hopefully faster. 

Here's the progression of Singular Passion. 

Sam and Sheila's Flower
I took artistic license and moved it to an off center placement for the painting.

The Drawing stage - on Salmon colored Sennelier LaCarte

The color selection


  1. Holy cow, woman! The departure from agave has totally re-energized you. This is stunning.

    1. Awwwg...thank you Alice!! This one felt really easy to do....that's when you know you're in 'the zone'