Sunday, September 11, 2016

Paradise Trinity

Paradise Trinity
29 x 19
Pastel on Canson Mi Tientes Board

This painting had it's genesis in Corpus Christi, Texas at a celebration dinner. We had a long and very hot and windless day at the Arts Alive show. Thirty minutes before closing one of my larger paintings found a new home. After the show, my show neighbors Amy and Brian Schultz from Unplain Jane Studio went out to dinner. On my way into the restaurant, I spied some gorgeous Bird of Paradise - and of course, they screamed "Paint ME!!!". So I snapped some photos and here we are today.

I enjoyed this departure from agave and it felt cool and tropical to paint the depth on these leaves. I hope they impart the shade and coolness of where these were planted. I'm also enjoying painting on some larger sized pieces. Having the real estate to spread out it delightful. Here's the source photo and progress shots. This is one of those paintings that just that feeling.


  1. Oh, my. I am impressed with this! What a great piece you've done, and working large seems to have set you free. Lovely work, Anna Lisa.