Sunday, September 18, 2016

Chipper Costa

Chipper Costa
7 x 5
Colored Pencil on Fabriano Aquarello Hot Press

For a change of pace, and to prepare for some upcoming shows in late October, it's time for some small works in colored pencil - specifically hummingbirds. I started doing these in the spring as a diversion from my colored pencil botanical illustration class. Of the 10 I completed, 9 found new homes over the spring and summer shows. They seem to make people happy and I like doing them. Pencil coloring is even more meditative that working in pastels if that is possible. The only drawback for me is the sitting and my hand starting to cramp after awhile.

This little guy is a Costa male hummingbird. I found him at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden just hanging out on a branch by a walking path. He sat on his little branch while people stopped and took his photo. As I took photos, he stretched his little neck out and crowed like a tiny little rooster "twwweeeee!!!!" Such a chipper little guy and so cute! A tiny bird with a HUGE personality.

In my photo of him, he's on a simple branch. For this drawing, I gave him a nice flowering yucca stem.

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