Saturday, September 10, 2016

Blue Flame

Blue Flame
25 x 19
Pastel on Sennelier LaCarte
I'm baaack!!! Oh how I have missed my easel! I was literally going through painting withdrawals. I was cranky, forlorn, and despondent all at once! I wasn't sleeping well, eating well or engaging in life. I had basically withdrawn! Wow - I needed my fix!

At first, I struggled with this painting. So much so I wiped it down. The blues on the right side were too violet and didn't work with the turquoise. Once I greened them up, it felt better. I'm working without my favorite Terry Ludwig Eggplant #v100x. If you go to their site, you'll see it is THE most popular color in that hue. I've got to put in my order. It's my go to blue/purple. So, I worked with a very dark blue Ludwig - almost grey blue. It was a good exercise. 

Some of my upcoming paintings will include some Bird of Paradise. While at my last show, Arts Alive in Corpus Christi, TX, there was a nice clump of them blooming at the restaurant. We were celebrating the sale of Blue Agave Supernova who went to a new home that afternoon. I was glad that I could share my blog w/her collector so they could see the development of their painting. 

Here's a couple of progress shots of Blue Flame...not many, so a good reminder to stop and take photos!

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