Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ms Gabbie Hoot

Ms Gabbie Hoot
12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Olive Green

Meet Ms Gabie. Apparently, she is very talkative, or so says her human chicken mamma up in the Dallas area. I really enjoyed painting Gabie and she came to be rather easily. We danced and it was very nice. I'm also quite fascinated with the eggs these girls lay - so pretty and nice odd sizes.

I was reviewing my inventory on line earlier this week and realized that in order of best sales, the genre are from most sold to least - Animals (63% sold), Botanicals (59% sold), Landscape (57% sold), Still Life (46% sold), Architecture (0!). So, the moral of the story is no more architecture or put those on sale! I also know I just recently did a lot of still life and botanicals that haven't been out on the road yet. I seem to do well with animals but I haven't done any in awhile...and I do like to paint birds/chickens. So I've got some road trips to make for photo ops! 

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