Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mother of Hundreds

Mother of Hundreds
11 x 11
Pastel on Matboard
Textured with Art Spectrum Terra Cotta, Aubergine and Clear

Here's a new direction - pastel on a piece of matboard textured with various Art Spectrum colored pastel textures. The painting is of a cute little cactus that's called Mammillaria Compressa or "Mother of Hundreds". 

When I went to my framer's earlier this week to pick up some glass, she had wrapped the pieces of glass in unused "knock outs". The knock outs are the inside pieces of matboard that are knocked out once the mat is cut. It reminded me that I wanted to try painting on those. I'm a big fan of making maximum use of tools and paper. I asked her if she had more, and low and behold, she had just put a big box outside for folks to pick up for arts and crafts. I went through and picked a few - some neutrals, some terra cotta, and even some that were black core mats - so one side is black. 

I'm also reading a book called "Trust the Process: An Artist's Guide to Letting Go" by Shaun McNiff. I'm still in the early chapters, but one of the things that spoke to me was using fully body movement in painting. As an former dancer (many many years of ballet, flamenco, jazz, and modern dance), it intrigued me to bring another of the arts into my process. I usually paint accompanied by music and incense. In today's case, I used Sandalwood and Champa incense by Fred Soll, and listened to 80's music on my Duran Duran station on Pandora. But today, I used the expressiveness of my own textures and really moved into this painting. I'm thinking maybe, this painting may be the beginning of hundreds more paintings in this new movement.

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