Monday, August 8, 2016

Kiwi on Strawberry

Kiwi on Strawberry
9 x 6
Pastel on UArt 500

Back to UArt paper - definitely more toothy. Since I did citrus, and summer is drawing to a close, I felt the need for some tropical fruits to continue in my bright kitchen series. I went to the store in search of green kiwi, papaya, and dragon fruit (Pitaya). What I like about these three fruits are the pronounced black seeds. I may or may not redo this painting to exclude the knife. Since the last 3 citrus paintings became "The Tart Trio", these next three will be The Tropical Trio. Unfortunately, the store did not have any dragon fruit. I will have to go look at another store or two.

Below are the pastels I used for this painting. I also noticed that when I previewed this post, the title font was in PINK! How lovely is that?!?! (Okay - I'm easily entertained and kind of nerdy - but then again, you already know that)

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