Monday, August 15, 2016

Kiwi on Orange

Kiwi on Orange
9 x 6
Pastel on UArt 500

As I continue with the Tropical Trio, I'm disappointed to say I still haven't found a Dragonfruit. So, it was back to Kiwi. Instead of peeling this one before photos, I chose to just cut it and leave it round. 

When one thinks of Kiwi, well - me anyway - I think of a bright chartreuse green. Well, in actuality, Kiwi are kind of olive green and pale seafoam green. I don't like that color with orange, so I kicked these up a bit in intensity. I'm not a tonal painter, I'm a colorist. It's true. Hello, my name is Anna Lisa and I'm a color addict.

My still life as I worked

The Tropical Trio for now will have to consist of two cuts of Kiwi on varied backgrounds and one Papaya - until I find a dragonfruit.

The Tropical Trio
(L to R - Kiwi on Strawberry, Papaya on Grape, Kiwi on Orange)
Framed as 12 x 9 

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