Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Floral Frittata Breakfast

Floral Frittata Breakfast
18 x 12
Pastel on UArt 500 Sanded Paper

There are paintings that flow and those that fry our brains. This one was one of the latter. I struggled with this painting from start to finish. I liked how the Flicker turned out and I thank Michael Searcy for the source photo on the bird. I used a different photo for the Ocotillo, one I had taken with a Gila woodpecker among them. But the ocotillo had no leaves. This left the painting drab - blue and red and mostly grey. So, I took the painting to my tablet and added leaves and that did the trick, so I translated them to the painting.

Then I started to name this painting, and struggled there as well. This painting is part of the series I've dubbed "Second Breakfasts" which is the sequel to my series called "Desert Breakfast Club". So, how could I name this something to do with breakfast? I figured the Flicker was taking sugary treats from the Ocotillo as they do other cactus blooms. Sweet Bread, pancakes and syrup crossed my mind. Of course, since I do like a good alliteration, Fritatta was clearly the breakfast of choice.