Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blue Glow Red Line

Blue Glow Red Line
12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Terra Cotta

Meet the Blue Glow Agave. In my opinion, aside from Mr Ripple, the Blue Glow is one of my favorites (I know I know, they are ALL my favorites). Blue Glow is absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight. Red and yellow lined margins truly light up.

I'm enjoying doing these blues on terra cotta paper. I'm not underpainting, just digging right in. I'm delighted w/the terra cotta peeking through in the blue - really warms them up. I think I have a few more sheets of terra cotta - so maybe a few more blues to do. Then maybe I'll go back to the green agave for a bit. After that, it may be some barrels and potentially more Opuntia. Somewhere soon, I need to do some colored pencil hummingbirds.

I'd share a bunch of progress shots with you, but I was so in the zone, I only took the initial shot....

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