Friday, July 15, 2016

Blue Cicatrix

Blue Cicatrix
12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Terra Cotta

This is the last of this series of Blue Agave - 5 in total. Blue lines, blue honor. This agave was very interesting to me because of the scarring on the leaves. They were very distinct. When I was doing my agave superhero series (See Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Green Goblin, Mystique) I considered doing this one and calling him Nightcrawler. I just didn't know if anyone would buy a painting by that name as it seems somewhat frightening. But, I'm an X Men fan and I do like Nightcrawler, so I may revisit this agave, in a much larger size. 

Here's the photo of the agave in real life. Once again, I only captured one progress shot because I was seriously in the zone as I painted this flowed and it was so nice to flow.....