Sunday, July 31, 2016

Alma Azul (Blue Soul)

Alma Azul
(Blue Soul)
22 x 15
Patel on Stonehenge

Last year, we went to Tulum to see the Mayan ruins, swim in cenotes and celebrate life. I'm a big fan of the mystical things in life and am blessed to love someone who feels the same way I do. On one of the days we explored the area, we went up to Chichen Itza. We left really early so when we arrived it wasn't too hot and the light was just right. 

Imagine my absolute and utter joy to see a Blue Morpho butterfly during our walk in the ruins. I was enthralled and chased it around like a child. As we continued our walk, I spotted rectangular black butterflies w/red bands, and finally a few monarchs. On another day, on our the way to Dos Ojos cenote, we spotted the most beautiful blue and black birds with yellow feet and beaks. Once home, I knew there needed to be a series of paintings - The Tulum Series. 

This is the first in the series and I've been stewing on it for quite some time. I ordered Blue Morpho butterflies to study, along with monarchs and the red banded one. I did a pencil color drawing of the Blue Morpho on March 27, 2016. Here are several studies of the painting composition. The first thing I just "knew" I needed to do was to create the Mayan glyphs. I worked on unsanded paper, and used Art Spectrum texture to create raised glyphs. I knew the blue morpho needed it's color compliment of orange and I just happened to spy some gorgeous orange flowers while there.

I "knew" the time was ripe to begin this painting series. What sealed the deal was that my brother in law recently found caterpillars on his parsely. He's gotten them more parsley and brought them inside to watch them go through their transformation. Pair that with needing a series of paintings that's more tropical as I prepare for a show on the Texas coast over Labor Day weekend.

Here's the various studies for this painting...

First study on Stonehenge smooth paper
using clear texture for glyphs

Trying sanded paper w/additional Texture
not pronounced enough

Black Canson w/Aubergine Art Spectrum Texture
LOVED this

One more try on Canson.....
Realized I liked the blue butterfly better
against the black side - better value shifts
The Orange Flowers on the side of the road

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