Sunday, July 24, 2016

Agave Entropy

Agave Entropy
19.5 x 25.5
Pastel on Sennelier LaCarte

What fascinated me about this agave was the leaves at the bottom that were going woody and decaying. I love the beautiful rusty color they present and the interest of the pock marks. Yes, even in our decline we are still beautiful.

I struggle with what to name this painting. Desert Rust was my first instinct, but this painting is not about the desert, nor do all agave live in the desert. What fascinated me was the decline of the leaves. Since I was in a 'spacey' mood yesterday, the physics term of entropy came to mind. But, still thinking on 'rust', I went to the thesaurus. Sure enough, the same words came up, in entropy as they did in rust. So...I'm going w/entropy.

It was a long painting day yesterday, and this one carried over into a second day. I got up super early so I could finish while I still felt "in the zone". I know when paintings flow and I don't fight with them, I'm doing the right thing. I'm feeling pretty good since I've had 3 in a row like that - Green Javelin, Blue Agave Supernova, and now Agave Entropy. Here's a few progress shots.

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