Tuesday, June 14, 2016


12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum
Sanded Paper Deep Ultra
This painting was the turning point in this series. While it's the 3rd painting in the series, the series it was the key. Visually, these blooms are between two cactus paddles, the intersection. Yet it also represents a metaphorical intersection - the place where we make choices and decide to turn back, turn to one side or move forward. I chose all three that day. I chose to go back and rework Rotation followed by a side turn (or even further back really) to Illuminated. I concluded my series with forward Progression, a new painting which will be my next post.

As I review the names of the paintings, I realize that I subconsciously named them as my psyche and painting progressed. I came to an Intersection in my painting, then Rotated back, became Illuminated, then finally made Progress. So it is with so many things in life. Progress - not perfection. Perhaps, there will be a 5th painting.....acceptance. Or is acceptance really the beginning?

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