Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Green Lantern

Green Lantern
12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Sanded Paper (Storm Blue)
Two weekends ago, two Spiders presented themselves in my path. One was a tiny one on my easel. The other was a HUGE tarantula in the garden. The second one seemed to say "If you weren't going to pay attention to the spiritual meaning of the small spider, here I am! You CAN'T miss me!". The spirit medicine of spider as the creative one is important to me. I suspected at the time that the message was that I was about to enter a creative period. I think that period is beginning now that the major art show season is over in Texas.

So, as the spiders begat Spiderman, this is Green Lantern, begat of a glowing green agave. I hope I'm going into an art superhero phase. In actuality, I was doing my paperwork while The Big Bang Theory was on in the background on television. In a particular scene, Leonard is explaining that the Green Lantern and Arrow were different. I almost named this painting Green Arrow, but today, while perusing my potential painting photo fodder (boy - talk about alliteration), I came across a very pointy green agave. Clearly, that will have to be the arrow. What I liked about the photo that inspired this painting was that the green agave seemed to glow - so it's appropriate it's a lantern.

Here we go! Hoping for a few months of serious creativity!!


  1. You've got some nice lost and found edges in here. I like!

    1. Thank you Alice! You know how detailed I am, so I'm honored that I finally got lost! :)

  2. To me, you are Super Woman. Lovely piece, talented lady :)

  3. To me, you are Super Woman. Lovely piece, talented lady :)