Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess
7 x 5
Colored Watercolor/Pencil
on Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper

This is the little princess I worked on during Day 2 of the Kerrville Festival of the Arts over Memorial Day weekend. This little lady is enjoying the flower on a Fairy Duster plant, hence the name of the painting. 

I enjoy drawing during shows and find that the patrons also enjoy watching me work. It gives me the ability to share the process and to be able to show how the work ultimately becomes a framed piece. 

During the show, (Trumpet Angela framed hummingbird in this series of colored pencil hummingbirds found a new home About halfway into Day 2 of the show, as I talked with one patron named Jane, she admired the framed hummingbird paintings. I showed her the piece I worked on during Day 1 and she decided she liked that painting best. She had a personal story about Red Yucca flowers, so this painting meant a lot to her. Jane and I named the painting together. We named that little female hummingbird "Yucca Princess". 

I am blessed to know Michael Searcy, photographer who kindly allows me to turn many of his beautiful photos into these drawings. Both the Yucca and Fairy Princess are his little ladies. He is the truly the Hummingbird Whisperer at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden.

Yucca Princess
5 x 7
Colored Watercolor/Pencil on 
Hot Pressed Watercolor paper

I am also very blessed to have participated in the Kerrville Festival of the Arts. The event staff and setup were top notch. The biggest thank you goes to the folks from the event staff and the Kerrville Police Department who braved the storm on Saturday night to secure the tents and protect the art from the 8 inches of rain and 40 mph gusts. I was fortunate enough to have my artwork come through unscathed. 

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