Monday, May 16, 2016

Aloe Treasure

Aloe Treasure
5 x 7
Colored Pencil (Standard and Water)
Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper

Here's another piece I worked on while at the Artists Alliance of the Hill Country Studio Tour over the weekend. I enjoy sharing the process of creating art with visitors at a show. It is nice when folks look at framed colored pencil pieces to show them one in progress. People often ask me how I'm able to hold a full time job and do my art as well. The key is the size of my paintings! I read some time ago in a book by Jason Horejs "Starving to Successful" that the key to success is to paint alot - quality by nature of practice goes UP not down. I've found that to be true. 

Painting small helps not only me, but potential collectors as well. Not everyone has space or funds for large pieces of work. People are in the process of downsizing in many cases, and smaller pieces of work are more suitable. You get to have your cake (or art) and eat it (hang it) too!

Thank you Michael Searcy for the resource photo for this lovely treasure. I actually got to meet this little male Costa hummingbird at the Desert Botanical Garden this spring. He's got a big personality for a little guy!

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