Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sweet Perch

Sweet Perch
7 x 5
Colored Pencil on
Hot Press Watercolor Paper

Here's a little sweet hummingbird perched for a treat. I started this drawing (illustration?) on the plane ride home from Phoenix. I like traveling with my colored pencils and a small pad. It is portable, clean, and easy to take out to doodle. On the plane ride, I did the flowers. Today, I finished up with the hummingbrid. I've decided not to do a watercolor background on this one...but I may change my mind later. 

Drawing is a meditation for me. As tired and stressed as I was on my flight home, I literally forced myself to get out my drawing tools. Before I knew it, we were landing which meant I had been taken into my place of peace for 2 hours. Thank you to Michael Searcy for the inspirational photo from which I worked.

1 comment:

  1. Without a colored background it looks like a botanical print in an old book, or an Audubon piece. Very nice effect.