Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sweet Flight

Sweet Flight
7 x 5
Colored Pencil on
Hot Pressed Water Color Paper

Here's another in a series of colored pencil of a male Anna's Humminbird. Thank you to my friend Michael Searcy for the inspirational photo. Michael is a kind individual who took the time to show me around the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens last year. This year, on my trip back through Phoenix, we made it a point to meet up at the gardens. Michael is known as the "hummingbird whisperer" by the locals and indeed, they are very comfortable around him. He took me to the known hummingbird nests. Though most had fledged, we were surprised to find one nest still with a little one inside. These were my first time seeing humminbird nests, and I was over the moon to see a little one. 

These have been a rough few weeks for me with a sick pet and work travel. Though I was anxious about being away from home, while pet "mommy" was away, our pet was at home with good care by his human "daddy" Rick. My trip was made relaxing and joyful by my time in the garden and with Michael. 

I've been taking a class in botanical illustration in colored pencil with Wendy Hollender. I took my colored pencils with me on these last trips. Though I didn't have the time (or energy) to draw on the first week, this past week, I started a drawing on the plane. The pencils are VERY portable and clean. I think they are my new travel partner. Now that I started a series, I must finish it. Two more to go....

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